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The Oh Nos!!! are one of Southern New England’s premier Beatles tribute bands. The band was formed by Wayne and Rachel Cabral to pay tribute to the more unusual Beatles songs, the solo careers of John, Paul, George and Ringo, and the bands they influenced (Badfinger, the Rutles and the Monkees)  The Oh Nos!!! are known for their fun, electrifying stage presence. Their imaginative set-lists incorporate the infectious songs that made you fall in love with the music, to songs that you have never heard performed live. The band has shared a stage with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member, Greg Hawkes, of The Cars, opened for Mickey Dolenz & Peter Tork of The Monkees, The Lovin' Spoonful, Susan Cowsill and Mark Lindsey. They have been a crowd favorite at Harrifest, SuperMega Fest , Danbury Fields, Fab4 Festival, and many other festivals, rock clubs, theaters, restaurants and drive ins. All the members of the band have a successful musical background that has intertwined with Beatles history. The lineup consists of WAYNE CABRAL, formerly of the Wish and Octopus’s Garden, an award winning singer/ songwriter and John Lennon Songwriting Contest semi-finalist and performer at the 2011 New England Pop Festival, on lead guitar, keyboard and vocals, JOE MILITELLO, a singer/ songwriter, formerly of Cold Shoulder, Drive-In and The Mockers, on guitar, keyboard and vocals, AND the cutest rhythm section out there former members of GIRL (the first all female Beatle Tribute band to play the Cavern Club in Liverpool), SHELLEY REGO, formerly of That Chick Band and Letter B, on bass and vocals and RACHEL CABRAL formerly of Vamp and Letter B, on drums and fashion and IAN MOTHA, a singer/songwriter who has performed in Liverpool with original Beatle Pete Best, and member of Apples, on guitar, keyboards and vocals. 

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